Signal Integrity Symposium

As data rates increase, design becomes more challenging and without a disciplined design process there is significant risk of multiple design iterations causing schedule delays and ultimately affecting performance goals. At high data rates microwave effects become pronounced so the design process must incorporate S-parameter analysis. This symposium brings together experts in microwave and digital measurement techniques and high speed digital backplane design concepts. Live VNA and BERT demonstrations and lunch are all included in this complimentary event.

At the completion of the presentations and demos, we will offer individual device under test (DUT) measurements on our MS4640B VectorStar VNA or MP1800A BERT. If desired, please feel free to bring any hardware or devices that you might be working on that could benefit from an evaluation. Check the box on the registration form to reserve your space.

Date and Location:

Thursday, November 6
The Marshes Golf Club Ottawa
320 Terry Fox Drive, Ottawa, ON
K2K 3L1

Abridged Schedule
Session Abstracts
Our Experts

Abridged Schedule

Time Event
9:00 a.m. On-site registration open
9:30 a.m. Symposium begins
9:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Training Sessions
11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Lunch 
12:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Training Sessions & Demos
4:00 p.m. Symposium ends

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Session Abstracts

Morning Session:

The Case for VNAs & S-parameters: Measuring for Max Performance

Modern VNAs are used to support many critical tasks for high speed digital designs. An overview of the instrument as a tool for Signal Integrity applications will be discussed, which includes VNA hardware components, calibrations and their importance in making measurements on linear and non-linear devices.

The goal with high speed digital design is to optimize hardware performance to maximize data rates and minimize bit error rates. In this session, we cover configuring VNA measurements for maximum performance for both the frequency and time domains and introduce the concepts of passivity, reciprocity and causality on S-parameter data.

Practical Modeling of Differential Vias

Accurate, verified models for vias in a multilayer circuit board are necessary to predict link performance in the GHz regime. This session describes a novel method of modeling the differential via on multilayered printed circuit boards used in high speed digital designs based on analytical equations for characteristic impedance and effective dielectric constant. In the absence of measured or EM simulated data, traditionally needed to extract these parameters, this method can quickly and efficiently predict the behavior of differential vias on printed circuit boards using a circuit simulator.

Afternoon Session:

Overview and Demonstration of VNA Time Domain Reflectometry and Network Extraction Methods

Modern Vector Network Analyzers offer several methods of converting frequency domain measurements into time domain displays. Low pass, bandpass, step, impulse, and phasor impulse response transforms will be discussed and explained how they best apply to signal integrity analysis. Several network extraction topologies will be presented with their application. These capabilities will be demonstrated on the Anritsu Vector Star.

Conducting Accurate High-Speed BER Tests

Conducting accurate measurements on high-speed signals operating from 25 to 32 Gb/s requires a keen understanding of the theory of signal integrity. In this session we will introduce the accurate test procedure/configuration to minimize the error for the 28/32G chips and modules used for 100+G interconnect and backplanes, especially focusing on current hot topics such as ISI compensation by emphasis technology, parallel BER test for 100G Active Optical Cable (InfiniBand), and 400G+ Super Channel.

Our Experts

Industry Leading Experts


Joe Mallon - Anritsu Company, Business Development Manager, Vector Network Analyzers

Joe Mallon has over 28 years of experience working in the RF and Microwave industry on commercial wireless as well as in the space and defence markets. Throughout his career, Joe has held a variety of positions including Engineering and Sales/Sales Management for companies such as Motorola, Agilent Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Anaren Microwave and Crane Electronics. In his current position at Anritsu he serves as a Business Development Manager for the company's VectorStarâ„¢ line of VNA's.

Joe holds a BSEE degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Hiroshi Goto - Anritsu Company, Business Development Manager

Hiroshi Goto has over 25 years of experience as a high speed and optical Engineer at Anritsu Company holding a variety of positions including Design Engineer, Product Marketing Engineer and currently high speed and optical Product Manager and Business Development Manager.

Mr. Goto holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Aoyama Gakuin University. He resides in the Dallas area and has authored numerous industry application notes and white papers and frequently speaks on the topic of signal integrity.

Edmond Zauner  

Edmond Zauner - Anritsu Company, Field Application Engineer, RF and Microwave

Edmond Zauner has three decades of experience as an Application and Sales Engineer in test and measurement as well as Computer Aided Electrical Engineering disciplines. Throughout his career, Edmond has assisted companies such as Rogers, Bell, Ericsson, Blackberry and Altera be successful in RF, Microwave and HS digital designs, and measurements. He has helped numerous clients with various EM simulation methods such as planar, 3D frequency and Time domain EM simulations of RF and Microwave components as well as PC boards, ICs and Packages. As a Field Application Engineer for Anritsu, Edmond currently supports all RF and Microwave activities in Canada.

Lambert Simonovich  

Lambert (Bert) Simonovich - LAMSIM Enterprises Inc., Owner/Consultant

Lambert (Bert) Simonovich graduated in 1976 from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Hamilton, Ontario Canada, as an Electronic Engineering Technologist.
Over a 32-year career, working at Bell Northern Research/Nortel, in Ottawa, Canada, he helped pioneer several advanced technology solutions into products. He has held a variety of engineering, research and development positions, eventually specializing in high-speed signal integrity and backplane architectures. After leaving Nortel in 2009, he founded LAMSIM Enterprises Inc., where he continues to provide innovative signal integrity and backplane solutions as a consultant. He has also authored and coauthored several publications; posted on his web site at His current research interests include: High-speed signal integrity, modeling and characterization of high-speed serial link architectures.

Fernando Gomez  

Fernando Gomez – Teledyne Lecroy, International Sales Manager, Canada & Latin America

Fernando Gomez is an Technical Sales and Marketing professional with a background in Optical Telecommunications and High Speed Electrical Serial Data applications. After several years in Technical Sales & Marketing roles at leading Optical and Test & Measurement firms, Fernando re-joined Teledyne Lecroy in March 2013 to lead the application of High BW real time oscilloscopes to analyze and process complex optical modulated signals.

Fernando is currently responsible for Teledyne Lecroy's Technical Sales in Canada and Latin America. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and a MBA in Management of Technology from Lehigh University.

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